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Mech Dust Collectors

Standard Multi-Tube Arrangements

Provide Maximum Efficiency, Low Initial Cost and Minimum Maintenance

Providing you with a more efficient, more durable dust collection system is the standard of Multi-Tube arrangements to produce the highest in dust collecting efficiency, while minimizing the initial costs and lowering maintenance costs dramatically. These design configurations are engineered better to last longer. A Multi-Tube engineer is ready to consult with you on selecting the proper arrangement to meet your requirements.

SPECIAL COMPUTER DESIGN CUTS COSTS!  Unique bracing system, designed by computer engineering, permits "one-piece" illustrations. Special bracing, computer tested for maximum stress, allows coupling of units 16 tubes deep by an infinite number long. Minimizes wear and tear...lengthens tube life. Maximizes dust collecting efficiency.

SHELL PLATE—3/16" thick. Designed for minimum positive or negative pressure of 18" w.h.— cuts pulsation and breathing.

INLET HEADERS—minimum of 3/8" plate.